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Making & Commissioning Stained Glass


Although my work is contemporary, it is all handmade using techniques which have existed for hundreds of years.

Following the careful completion of a design, I select appropriate colours and textures of glass depending on the job and cut the pieces by hand. In addition, I may add layers of paint, frit (powdered glass), enamels and stains to create layers of imagery or specific colours, which are then fired in the kiln several times.

The structure is then put together using strips of lead and soldered into place.

Each piece is then sealed with glaziers putty or cement to provide a robust weatherproof finish and is polished for a beautiful shine and to darken the lead to an attractive black tone. Finished stained glass panels can last for hundreds of years.

Bespoke works can be commissioned, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements. I have made stained glass windows, door panels, bespoke artworks and gifts (such as wedding or birth stained glass hanging mementos) to the individual requirements of clients.

You may have an exact design or colours in mind, or want me to design something to inspire you - I enjoy discussing projects with clients and will usually arrange to meet in the studio or at the stained glass window's location to consider all of the design aspects with you. I'll then provide you with drawings so that the design can be perfected before you commit.


Stained glass windows are usually priced depending on their size, but the colours and textures you choose may also have an impact, as will additional details such as kiln-fired painting. You are paying for the satisfaction of skilled specialist craftsmanship and a beautiful bespoke piece which will last for generations. 


If you have a specific budget you are working to, I can come up with designs which fit within this. There is always room for discussion and options, so do get in touch to see what's possible.


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