Selected Glass Projects

Painted stained glass panels capturing the harmonious light and colours of early morning walks on Scottish mountains. Glass is the perfect medium to distil the beauty and chilly light of this natural landscape.

Each panel is approx. 11 x 20cm, made with painted glass and lead.



1.5 x 1 metre stained glass window commemorating 100 years since the outbreak of WW1.

Painted and silver-stained glass with lead,wooden framing and LED backlights.



A range of bespoke stained glass commissions for clients, including:

- Commemorative wedding panel gift

- Stained glass windows for homes (internal and external)

- Framed stained glass for display

Works exploring the sculptural possibilities of flat glass panels, using thick laters of frit to build tactile texture and displayed on marble bases. Made using studies of the plastercast Michealangelo's David in the V&A, London, itself an imitation of marble.

Sizes approx. 40 x 25cm using glass, frit, paint, silverstain and marble.


Series of stained glass sculptures exploring the numinous, described by Karl Jung and Rudolf Otto as an awe-struck feeling of something greater, the very essence of the religious experience. These sculptures aimed to capture and distil this feeling, drawing on historically numinous colours and the cavernous enveloping design of traditional cathedrals. The 3-dimensional works were viewed by placing the head inside intimate wooden constructions, creating caves of stained glass which could only be experienced by individuals.

Works in painted and etched flashed glass, with lead, copper-foil, wood and LED lighting.


Inspired by the Russian novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, these 6 stained glass window panels, arranged in a concertina lightbox, illustrate keys moments from the story. As a novel exploring religion and magic, contemporary stained glass seemed the ideal medium in which to explore the story. 

Each panel is 30 x 20cm in painted and stained flashed glass and lead, with wood and LED lighting.



Series of miniature paintings in glass and frit (powdered glass) exploring the colours, textures and mysticism of the moon. As a lover of intense light and colour, the moon is a recurrent interest in my work. 

Each panel is 15 x 10cm, made with painted glass, frit and lead.

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